Starting a birthday tradition can give children something to look forward to year after year. As the collection grows and the boy does too, he will give more appreciation to the gifts and bond with the person who gives them.

A lot of birthday collectibles in stores are often catered towards females, but there are plenty of annual gifts that can be given to boys too. The following four traditions are great to start around age six or seven, but things can be planned much earlier too.

Statue Collections

Females often have a variety of birthday statues from companies like Disney or Precious Moments. For boys, a variety of statues can be found too. On one of the first three years, it's also a good idea to purchase a collector's case to store the statues in for the future.

  • Dragon Statues: Dragon statues feature a number of different designs and come in multiple sizes. One of the highlights when shopping for these is finding statues with different gems on them. For example, each year you can purchase a dragon with a different colored gem like a ruby, diamond, or a black onyx.
  • Knights of the Round Table: Build a massive collection of medieval knights, swords, and fighters. This collection can be built multiple ways. You can build an army of knights in one color or give two knights each year that battle on opposite sides.
  • Collectible Action Figures: Really show the growth of a person by purchasing a collectible action figure based off one of the child's favorite movies. As the collection grows, it will showcase a wide array of interests ranging from animation to comedy and horror.

Gold Coins

Give the give of an investment that could increase in great value over time. There are many options when purchasing gold coins from sites like and each one can create a wonderful tradition for the young boy in your life.

  • Purchasing Coins: When you choose to buy gold, a little research should be involved. Find websites that can show current gold prices. This will help you get the best options and ensure that you are not paying too much for the coins.
  • Types of Coins: In the United States, one of the more popular gold coins to purchase is the double eagle. This coin is the easiest to find and can be purchased from a number of reputable dealers.
  • Historical Coins: Add some different dynamics to your gold coin collection by purchasing historical coins. Unless the coins are ancient, there is not too much of a value difference in the coins. They just feature different designs to collect. Examples include the birth year of the child, commemorative coins, or international gold coins.
  • Gold Coin Case: An elegant case is a nice way to collect and display the coins that you purchase for your collection.

Framed Comic Books

Comic books feature amazing artwork, details, and hundreds of different heroes. Through a little research, you can present a framed comic book for every year as a child grows. For example at age 2, you can present a "Two-Face" comic, age 3 "Three Stooges" and so-on. There are a number of titles like "The Fantastic Four," "Sinister Six," and you could even purchase comic issues with the issue number as the actual birthday number.

Model Cars

Purchase a gift that can become a great bonding experience and become a collectible at the same time. The best thing about model cars is that there is a variety of difficulties to choose from as a child grows older.

  • Snap Model Cars: These cars are geared towards younger children. The parts simply snap together and form full models of real cars or cars created from fictional shows like "Dukes of Hazzard."
  • Glue & Snap Cars: The glue variety of model cars get a little more complicated. There are still some parts that snap, but glue helps form a permanent bonds for smaller parts like the transmission and engine.
  • Painting Model Cars: The more advanced model cars feature blanket parts and elements. Almost ll of the parts are glued on after they are painted. This is where the kits get more advanced.

Starting a tradition is a great way to build bonds and if a child's interests drastically changed then the traditions can adjust as needed.