If someone you know was arrested, you will want to assist them with getting out of jail. The way to do that is by helping them with the bail process. When it comes to the bail process, there are some important steps you are going to want to follow.

1. Contact Agencies

First, you will want to get on the phone and start calling local bail bond agencies. You are going to want to ask them questions about the bail process. You will want to find an agency with experience with the jail or the county where your loved one is being held. You want an agency that has agents that work locally. You want an agency that is willing to talk with you about the bail bond process.

2. Wait for Arrangement

Second, with many offenses, the bail amount is set on a schedule, which allows you to know what the bail amount will be. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't still wait for the arraignment.

If your loved one retains an attorney at the arraignment, they can ask the judge to reduce further the bail amount based on the defendant's personal circumstances. They can also ask the judge to allow them out without having to pay bail. That is why you should contact a bail agency but wait for the arrangement, as you may be able to lower the bail or get your loved one out without having to pay bail.

3. Secure the Fee

Third, once you know what the bail amount is, you will have to pay the bail agent's fee. This is going to be a small portion of the bail amount. It is to pay the agency for their services. This is not something you are going to get back. Some agencies allow you to pay in installments, and others may ask you to pay all at once.

4. Know Where to Get Collateral

Finally, the bail agency is going to pay the bail amount to the courts. However, they will ask you to put collateral, so if your loved one skips out on the terms of the bail and their bail is revoked, then the bail agency will not lose out on the money they put up because they can collect their money back.

Collateral can be a range of things, such as a balance on a credit card or a title to a car, or a piece of jewelry, or high-end electrical equipment.

If someone you know was arrested, start calling bail bond agencies and find a local one to work with. Wait for the arrangement to find out what the bail amount will be. Then, get the money to pay the fee and find items to put up as collateral.